After several years, the gates of the international fair of logistics, mobility, IT and supply chains TRANSPORT LOGISTIC 2023 will open again. The company TATRAVAGÓNKA a. s., as a prominent European manufacturer of freight wagons and bogies, will not miss this event. In this year also, the company will introduce several innovative solutions that respect market requirements and customers’ needs. TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. will introduce three new wagons:

• The first 6-axle intermodal wagon with integrated baskets Sdggmrss for 1668mm and 435mm track gauges,

• The most effective wagon for transportation of trucks Laados,

• The fastest TSI intermodal wagon Sggmrss 92´.

In their own kind, all wagons are extraordinary in terms of their construction and design.

Except for these exhibits, it will be possible to see also other products from the company TA TRAVAGÓNKA a.s. Intermodal transport will be represented by T4000 wagon of the company VTG that is designed for transportation of semi-trailers on the Iberian Peninsula , T3000 wagon of the company GATX and Sgmmns 41 ́of the company Wascosa. Also the company RailRelase will introduce its special 30’ opened superstructure, optimised for heavy cargo, on our wagon Sgnss 60’.

“The exhibits of the company TA TRAVAGÓNKA a.s. at TRANSPORT LOGISTIC 2023 fair reflect our determination to look for new solutions for the freight railway market and to accelerate performances of the intermodal transportation in Europe. We believe that our innovative thinking in wagon development will be a key element for transition to sustainable mobility of goods within ecological transportation. We are looking forward to visiting the fair and to personal meetings with the customers, partners and our friends.“

Alexej Beljajev Jr.Sales Director

We are on site and look forward to your visit HALL B5 STAND 317/418RAI L 1/6.

Within the development plans of the company, some parts of the production areas have recently been intensively revitalized. Today, we can introduce a new modern hall for wagon sale, in which the first wagon acceptances have already been carried out.


The new modern hall for wagon sale, which replaced the old, unattractive acetylene station with carbide storeroom, was finally approved at the end of February.

The hall with dimensions of 50.4 x 27.4 (with chamfering of 13.7 x 6.9 m) made of steel construction includes five rail tracks with an assembly channel with full-length lighting and with connection to 220 V. In the north-eastern part of the hall, there is an entrance for fork-lifts.

On the ground floor of the administrative-social-technical extension, there is located a paint store house, which is accessible from the exterior and from the paint preparation area. It is equipped with collecting and pump reservoir/tank covered with a steel grate. The paint preparation area is functionally connected to the paint store house area, and it can be entered from the hall through the pressure chamber.

For employees in the administrative part, there is designed a joint toilet with a hall.

The office area on the first floor is accessible through a straight steel staircase. The office is designed for five permanent workstations and there is also a space for meetings.

220 m on new rails will thus provide a space for wagon acceptance and for occasional paint application for approximately 10 wagons, which will significantly relieve capacities of the old acceptance hall, BU10 line.

After a four‑year pause, the gates of the largest international trade fair for railway, transport and track
technology INNOTRANS 2022 will open again in a few weeks. The company TATRAVAGÓNKA, a. s., as
a leading European manufacturer of freight wagons and bogies, will not miss the event.
We try to provide our customers with innovative solutions, which respect the requirements of quality,
functionality, safety and reliability of the product. However, the most important aspect is undoubtedly
weight reduction, efficiency and energy consumption of transport in order to reduce the negative impact
of transport upon the environment. 6 exhibits in the track area and one bogie made of non‑traditional
materials directly at the exhibition stand no. 620 in the hall 3.2a represent our determination to constantly
seek innovative solutions for the freight rail market and TO BE THE FIRST CHOICE for our employees,
partners and customers.



We have started a new season

Our season could not start better as with a charity race – ONE THOUSAND YEAR RUN
We have supported a sport spirit, strengthened the team and mainly helped to save a valuable “thousand year old” chapel Sans Souci in Iliašovce.

All this thanks to our clever colleague, who organizes this charity run every year.

It is great to be a part of Our Tatravagónka.

To support interest of young people in mechanical engineering education is a key feature for development of the whole industry. We are happy that our partner, Technical secondary school in Poprad, creates many activities in order to make the study more attractive, and we are glad to support them in this goal.
The first year of the competition “The most skilled freshman” enabled the students to present their knowledge and mainly gained skills. The task was to create a functional hammer according to the provided drawing documentation. There could be only one winner, but all participants obtained new knowledge and skills.

After all, it was a goal of this brilliant event.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition!


During its sixty years, the internal magazine for the employees called VAGONÁR recorded our successes and failures; over time, it permanently maintained our gradually forming opinions and thinking and our professional growth. It faced cancellation for many times, but in spite of everything, it survived.

There is always a piece of nostalgia hidden in the memories; nostalgia we can perhaps give in when celebrating the 60th anniversary. Let us look into the history of the development of our magazine for the employees. In the next issue …..

Our dear Vagonár,

For your 60th anniversary, we would like to wish you many more valuable articles and interesting topics


Tatravagónka wants to be the first choice, and this is one of the reasons why, in just few days, we will participate at the most significant fair of the railway industry – INNOTRANS. We would like to invite you to our stand that will be located in the hall 3.2a, stand number 403.


  • the bogie TVP HS DBS – a development newie. The bogie that should reach 140 km/h speed at the track.
  • 60ft InnoWaggon: Sggmmrrs.
  • Habbii(ll)ns(s) – prototype wagon characterised by several unique properties within transportation of cargo sensitive to weather conditions.
  • Zacens 73 m3 –  insulated tank exhibited in cooperation with our partner – company GATX.
  • Sggnss 80´- LIGHT EIGHTY –  one of our bestsellers. Light eighty is the wagon that is not only light, but also very silent.
  • Sdggmrss T3000 – wagon is designed for transportation of saddle semi-trailers and containers. The co-exhibitor is the company MERCITALIA.
  • 90ft InnoWaggon: Sggmrss – intermodal wagon that will surely attract all visitors thanks to height of its stanchions. The company Innofreight is our partner for presentation of this wagon.

There is much more we can offer to the fair visitors. So if you are going to be in Berlin from September 18 to September 21, 2018, please, visit our stand and you can also try a new virtual reality feature.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!
Tím Tatravagónka

Dear partner,

We are looking forward to meeting you at Transport Logistics in Munich at our stand no. 319/418 in hall B5. We would like to attract your attention to our products which are displayed at exhibition railway yards and within exhibition premises.

Mapa výstaviska

Container wagons – Sgmmnss 45´ and Sgmmns 52´

These wagons are characterised by excellent running characteristics, low weight and low noise level during operation. The newest development of Tatravagónka – bogie TVP NG-DBS – is used for type Sgmmnss 45. The bogie is unique due to energy savings, low noise level and reduced LCC costs. Wagons are used mainly for transport of heavy containers with possibility of using various loading combinations.


Wagon suitable for transport of bulk materials sensitive to weather conditions. Its light construction made of high-strength materials is enriched with innovative opening roof which protects transported material. Therefore the wagon can proudly wear the slogan: „We protect your freight“. The roof can be opened in three different ways: pneumatically, mechanically and manually (manual opening is considered a back-up solution).

LPG 117 m3

Wagon for transport of LPG represents future in transport of compressed gases due to 117 m3 volume which is the largest volume in its class. During construction phase we placed emphasis on safety and wagon is equipped with safety devices as derailment detector and protection against overriding buffers. The innovative tank secures achieving a large volume with discharging of LPG substances with no residue.

INNOWAGON – Sggrrs 80´

Innowagon Sggrrs 80´ is a very light wagon which offers modern, universal and flexible transport solution and it is considered as evidence of intermodal transport flexibility. An execution with stanchions which enables transport of timber is displayed at railway yard. Stanchions are removable and thus the wagon can be used for transport of containers. The wagon was manufactured in cooperation with company Innofreight.

Bogie TVP NG – DBS

Bogie TVP NG-DBS is the newest design solution of Tatravagónka. The most significant advantages of this bogie are reduction of wheelset wear up to 30 % and its weight, which is the lowest in category of track friendly bogies and accounts for 5 tons. Furthermore, noise in comparison with TSI limit is reduced and wagons equipped with these bogies are expected to be classified in category of very silent wagons (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). Safety against derailment under quasi-static conditions has been significantly improved due to new wheelset guiding with modified suspension characteristics and with cross coupling. In cooperation with TU Berlin an energetic economy of up to 10 % in the smallest curves was confirmed. 100 % changeability with a standard Y25 bogie is guaranteed for this bogie.

Late last year we were asked to help in interesting project of reconstruction and restoration of historic pit that was made back in 1961. Cistere we manage to revitalize and got new “outfit” by applying of a new layer of color earlier this year. The four-axle wagon Rah CSD was produced by Tatra n. p. Studenka. It is a special freight wagon designed for the transport of mineral oils. Wagon construction is self-supporting and form the basis of sheet steel tank. Buffers are tubular in shape with a square plate. The cylindrical metal container has welded construction. On its back is in the middle of the boiler a dome with a filling hatch, it is installed on a safety device against overpressure. The wagon has parking brake and pressure brake of DAKO system.

This wagon is taken into the care of the Club of historical railway vehicles. When repairing wagon it was found that the cars are bound carriage, according to data plate made in 1963 in TATRAVAGÓNKA.

After repairs in our company where we participated as a main partner, the wagon has been deployed for her first performance in the month of February. Guarantee supplies of water for steam locomotive with steam traveling in Slovak paradise for photographers from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. Subsequently, the wagon used by members of the Club of historical railway vehicles exclusively for nostalgic rides, which will serve as a water reservoir for steam locomotive 477.013, historic freight wagon included in a train fire and freight photo-trains in domestic and foreign nostalgic events.

In 2017, the wagon can be seen in actions such as:

  • 27.5. – Season opening Spis Castle
  • 3. – 4.6 – Railway for children Vrútkach
  • 17. – 18.6. – The national meeting of historical vehicles in Bratislava
  • 2.9 – Railway Day in Humenné

Dear partner,

We are looking forward to meet you at Innotrans 2016 in our stand no.  403 in the hall 3.2. Tatravagónka will show its products also at the fair rail yard.


T1/19 – Zans 98m3– JUMBO PLUS
Newly developed wagon which is setting market trend! Thanks to self-supporting design its weight is only 22 tons at 98 m3 volume, therefore it is possible to transport larger amounts of product. Another advantage is its length, the wagon is shorter by 0.5 m in comparison with its predecessor Zans 95 m3. In consequence of these characteristics there is a guarantee of 6 % volume increase per block train.

T3/47 – Uagnpps 92m3
Wagon “amphibian”, designed for transportation of sugar and grain, is equipped with several unique technical solutions. Due to specially designed filling openings and discharging mechanisms, an appropriate batching and water-tightness of the wagon is achieved. The wagon has an internal food coating and dust-proof securing pressure valve placed on both wagon ends, which provides protection of the wagon vessel in case of potential under-pressure. Specially designed are also inclines for discharging of transported goods, due to which a cleaning frequency and internal wagon maintenance are reduced. Tatravagónka can manufacture the wagon with three different roof variants. With volume of 92 m3, it is largest “amphibian” in its class.  

T3/48 – Snps
This universal wagon is used not only for transportation of timber, but after attachment of foldable container pins, it is ready for transportation of containers (with loading identical to the wagon Sggnss 60´). Timber of different length (2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 4.5 m, 5.1 m and 6 m) can be loaded on the wagon. This wagon is characterized by its low weight (22.0 t). It is equipped with headstock-free bogies and with stanchions from EXTE company. Specially designed stanchions avoid damage of the wagon caused by a loader and the wagon floor is in one plane, which is a contribution to safety. Furthermore, the floor consists of sheets with weight up to 30 kg, which is a guarantee of simple maintenance during the whole life-time of the wagon. The wagon has also an alternative execution with front walls, which is also approved and certified.

T4/43 – Sggnss 80´- LIGHT EIGHTY
This wagon for transportation of containers is characterized by lower tare, reduced maintenance costs and versatility. The wagon can be loaded in 30 different combinations for 20´, 26´, 30´, 40´, 45´, High cube, High cube pallet wide containers and swap bodies and tank superstructures. Significant reduction of weight with unique frame design enables operators to significantly increase transportation efficiency. Savings on track with empty (not loaded) train is up to 113 tons, which is almost 20% of train weight. Furthermore, the wagon is classified in the “very silent wagons” category (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). After removal of articulation joint, and thus removal of the central bogie, the wagon is shorter in comparison with a standard container wagon and this fact reduces costs for its maintenance. The wagon is equipped with disc brake.

T3/51 – Sggrss 80´
In cooperation with the company Innofreight, Tatravagónka introduces this intermodal wagon that is designed for transportation of special 20´ and 40´ containers. You can see loading of containers with different lengths, specifically containers Rock Trainer 30´, Mon Tainer XXL 20´and Wood Tainer XXM 13´. The wagon is characterized by short coupling of both segments in wagon centre by means of drawing-pushing bar. The wagon is equipped with integrated CFCB brake. 

Stand – TVP NG-DBS bogie
bogie, which is the newest design solution of the company Tatravagónka, can be seen in real size directly in our stand. This bogie has several significant advantages. In the first place, it is wheelset wear reduction up to 30 %. Another advantage of the bogie is its weight, which is only 5 tons, and it is the lowest weight in the category of track friendly bogies. Tatravagónka was also successful in noise reduction in comparison with TSI limit, and it is expected that wagons equipped with these bogies will be classified in the category of very silent wagons (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). Due to new wheelset guiding with modified suspension characteristic and with cross coupling, safety against derailment under quasi-static conditions was significantly improved. By means of comparative verifications in cooperation with TU Berlin, an energetic economy up to 10% in the smallest curves was confirmed. 100% changeability with a standard Y25 bogie is guaranteed for this bogie.

Hoci je piatok 13. považovaný za nie veľmi šťastný deň, pre mnohých budúcich absolventov SOŠT v Poprade to mohol byť práve úspešný štart do novej etapy života.

Zástupcovia najväčšieho zamestnávateľa v regióne – Tatravagónky sa stretli s budúcimi absolventmi študijného odboru programátor obrábacích a zváracích strojov a zariadení, aby im predstavili profil, výrobný program a pracovné príležitosti v spoločnosti Tatravagónka, ktoré sú pre nich vhodné a v ktorých sa vedia uplatniť. „Takéto náborové ambície firiem sú úplne bežnou praxou. Študentom sme priblížili našu firmu Tatravagónka a zároveň sme získali niekoľko žiadostí o zamestnanie,“ hodnotí spoločné stretnutie so študentmi personálna riaditeľka spoločnosti, p. Mária Vraniaková.Video prezentáciaPrezentácia
Počas štúdia študenti nadobudnú teoretické znalosti o činnostiach ako ručné zváranie materiálov, programovanie a obsluha CNC strojov, obsluha automatizovaných a poloautomatizovaných zariadení na zváranie, programovanie a obsluha priemyselného zváracieho robota. Tento učebný obor svojou teoretickou náplňou kopíruje profesné požiadavky kladené na viaceré pracovné pozície, ktoré ponúka Tatravagónka. Absolventi sa môžu uplatniť na viacerých úsekoch v spoločnosti Tatravagónka – či už na oddelení technickej prípravy výroby, oddelení vývoja a konštrukcie, ale aj priamo na riadiacich pozíciách vo výrobe závodu. „Je dôležité, aby šikovní mladí a perspektívni ľudia ostávali v regióne, kde vyštudovali a kde si vďaka svojmu vzdelaniu vedia nájsť relatívne ľahko uplatnenie. My im takúto možnosť ponúknuť vieme a naozaj chceme, aby poznali našu spoločnosť Tatravagónka ako silného a stabilného zamestnávateľa. Množstvo absolventov SOŠT v Poprade pracuje v Tatravagónke a je našou povinnosťou ďalej rozvíjať spoluprácu so „strojárskymi“ strednými školami,“ hovorí Mária Vraniaková.
„Študentom sme ozrejmili nielen našu ponuku pracovných miest, ale predstavili sme im Tatravagónku v širších súvislostiach. Sme najväčší európsky výrobca železničných nákladných vagónov a podvozkov, naši konštruktéri pracujú s najmodernejších vývojovými softvérmi v tomto odvetví a firma investuje do pokrokového technologického vybavenia – napr. za tento a budúci rok viac ako 18 mil. euro,“ uzatvára p. Vanda Kandrová, špecialistka na nábor v spoločnosti Tatravagónka.