One of the pillars of our success is design and development department of TATRAVAGÓNKA – team, which is a leader in Europe in development of freight wagons and bogies. We always try to find the best solution for each customer and partner – from a standard portfolio of our products, or as a unique “tailor made” design based upon requirements of a customer and the market. We also offer development of special types of wagons, bogies or other corresponding products. “Design to cost”, “Concurrent engineering”, “Project management” are obvious parts of our development process. We dispose of the most modern software equipment that enables optimisation of technical solutions in the development phase.
Our solutions do not know any geographical boundaries – wagons and bogies developed by us, for which we can guarantee also tests and certificates, can travel in European Union, Africa, Middle East, but also in United States of America.

We look ahead, we foresee and influence development and trends in the field of railway freight transportation, therefore we offer innovative technical solutions. We want what is really important for you and we constantly work upon making parameters such as noise, weight and energetic effectiveness of wagons and bogie more effective. As one of few companies we perform dynamic simulations in order to optimize our technical solutions.