Welded subassemblies of passenger transportation

Production of welded and machined constructions designed for passenger coaches.

Tatravagónka also deals with production of welded constructions for passenger coaches. In conditions of our production, we are able to manufacture subassemblies made of steel and steel-carbon alloys according to existing production documentation, including machining of work piece up to 11 000 mm length.

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Zvárané podskupiny osobnej dopravy


Reconstructions of existing wagons.

In order to prolong life-time of an older wagon and in order to improve its useful properties, Tatravagónka is able to provide a reconstruction of such wagons. According to the scope of reconstruction, Tatravagónka proposes either retaining of an existing approval, or acquiring of a new approval.

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Spare parts

Manufacturing of spare parts for freight wagons.

We manufacture spare parts for our own wagons, but we are prepared to manufacture in wider scope for wagons out of our production.

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Náhradné diely


Supply and distribution of electricity.
Tatravagónka owns permission for supply and distribution of electricity approved by the authority – URSO Bratislava no.2006E 0144. It operates a local distribution network (LDN) and, at the same time, it is a supplier of electricity in the company premises in Poprad. For electricity sale, it uses current price lists for electricity and distribution services, which are approved by the authority – URSO, according to applicable legislation and regulations for the actual year.

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