By means of long-term planning in the field of human resources, we want to avoid turbulences in production caused by lack of labour, retirement and by natural fluctuation of employees.


At meetings with parents, we propagate field of studies, in which the company is involved within dual education and programs, in which students can find jobs after graduation.


For students of secondary schools, we offer a possibility to participate at professional practical training experience corresponding to the field of study. We participate at open door days at secondary schools. We organise excursions directly in the production for whole classes (max. number for one group is 20 persons). Send your request for an excursion to: at least 3 weeks before excursion date so we can meet your requirements.

The main point of cooperation is a system of dual education. A dual education is a method of preparation for a job, which is slightly different in comparison with previous preparation for a job for secondary school students. A student learns how to turn theoretical knowledge to practical ones directly at the premises of the employer. It means that 40% of learning will consist of theory and 60% of practical preparation. Since the second class, the practical preparation will take place in the company Tatravagónka a.s. The theoretical education will remain a part of learning at school. The company share this system with Secondary technical school, Kukučínova 483/12 in Poprad.

During the whole time of study, Tatravagónka a.s. provides the student with the following:

  • Personal protective tools for a student

  • Payment for catering of students during practical lessons

  • Reward for productive work

  • Company studentship

You can find more information at the web page,704,706,707,708,710

Please, send your request for school year 2016/2017 until 28.2.2017. (PDF request, or electronic form for automatic sending). We will inform you about further steps.

Detailed information will be provided by Ing. Radka Bosáková, Phd.,, 0918 735 601.


As in cooperation with secondary schools, we participate at open door days and job fairs organised by universities. We organize excursions directly in the production. Max. number for one group is 20 persons. Send your request for an excursion to at least 3 weeks before excursion date so we can meet your requirements.

Bachelor and Diploma Theses

Applications that arrive:

  • Until 30.10., are elaborated in November,

  • Until 31.12. are elaborated in January,

  • Until 31.01. are elaborated in February,

  • In February and March are evaluated continuously.

Each applicant will get a feedback from us.

Practical training experience

We offer you a possibility to complete a practical training experience in our company Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad that corresponds to your field of study. If you are interested, please send your application and CV to the address: We accept applications for practical training experience until end of April. We look at students as at our potential employees and, therefore, after evaluation of applications, chosen students are invited to the job interview.

Education of employees

Education and preparation of employees is an inseparable part of the strategy of Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad. The main goal is to provide qualified, educated and capable employees that are a basic assumption for competitiveness of the company.

  • We offer our employees possibility of personal professional and career growth by means of:
    managerial, professional, computer courses,

  • INTERNAL ACADEMY by completion of an adaptation training, incoming trainings, regular and operative trainings,

  • Language courses in working time with English, German or Russian lecturer,

  • Basic and additional courses in the internal welding school.