Benefits for the employees of the company Tatravagónka, a.s. Poprad

Care of employees

Medical care is provided for the employees within the company premises:

  • Outpatient office of general practitioner for adults,
  • Specialized outpatient office for familiar hyperlipoproteinemia (disorder of metabolism and lipid spectrum),
  • Specialized outpatient office for audiometry,
  • Free incoming, periodical and final checks provided by medical service.

Recreational stays – in order to avoid occupational illnesses, the company organises recreational stays and rehabilitations for selected employees.

Personal protective tools are provided by the employer for protection of health and life against dangerous and harmful factors of work and working environment.

The employer provides working clothes and footwear and it provides also cleaning of these working clothes.

Hygiene at workplace – the employer provides employees with washing, cleaning and disinfection agents.

Catering of employees is provided in the form of hot meals in the company by its own canteen. The employer contributes to the financing of catering not only by the legal contribution, but also from the social fund.

Drinking – in case of increased hot load, the employer provides employees with a mineral water, and in case of increased cold load, the employer provides employees with a hot drink.

Financial benefits

  • Reward in case of working and personal jubilees
  • Age automat
  • Commuting bonus
  • Allowance on case of birth of employee´s child and in case of employee´s wedding
  • Financial gift for women at International women´ s day
  • Allowance for common child recreation and allowance for travelling
  • Rewards for blood donors
  • Holiday benefits
  • Christmas benefits
  • Allowance for retirement insurance
  • Salary allowance for working in three-shift and four-shift operation

Non-financial benefits

  • Vouchers for regeneration of labour 2 times a year
  • Fuelling card for good prices for personal use
  • Mobile phone and sim cards for personal use also for family members
  • Language courses, improvement of qualification, company library
  • Allowance for PASSES to fitness centrum GOLEM CLUB

Social benefits

If an employee find himself in exceptionally hard social situation, or in case of death of an employee or his/her family member, the employer can provide an employee with an allowance.

Events for company employees

Our company organises regular events, through which it wants to thank its employees for their work:

  • Meeting of pensioners,

  • Meeting of honourees,

  • Public open door day, where it is possible to go and visit all plants of our company and, at the same time, enjoy a good programme,

  • Children´s full of fun and competitions,

  • Football league,

  • St. Nicholas for children of employees,

  • Winter games.



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