07. April 2017


Dear partner,

We are looking forward to meeting you at Transport Logistics in Munich at our stand no. 319/418 in hall B5. We would like to attract your attention to our products which are displayed at exhibition railway yards and within exhibition premises.

Mapa výstaviska

Container wagons – Sgmmnss 45´ and Sgmmns 52´

These wagons are characterised by excellent running characteristics, low weight and low noise level during operation. The newest development of Tatravagónka – bogie TVP NG-DBS – is used for type Sgmmnss 45. The bogie is unique due to energy savings, low noise level and reduced LCC costs. Wagons are used mainly for transport of heavy containers with possibility of using various loading combinations.


Wagon suitable for transport of bulk materials sensitive to weather conditions. Its light construction made of high-strength materials is enriched with innovative opening roof which protects transported material. Therefore the wagon can proudly wear the slogan: „We protect your freight“. The roof can be opened in three different ways: pneumatically, mechanically and manually (manual opening is considered a back-up solution).

LPG 117 m3

Wagon for transport of LPG represents future in transport of compressed gases due to 117 m3 volume which is the largest volume in its class. During construction phase we placed emphasis on safety and wagon is equipped with safety devices as derailment detector and protection against overriding buffers. The innovative tank secures achieving a large volume with discharging of LPG substances with no residue.

INNOWAGON – Sggrrs 80´

Innowagon Sggrrs 80´ is a very light wagon which offers modern, universal and flexible transport solution and it is considered as evidence of intermodal transport flexibility. An execution with stanchions which enables transport of timber is displayed at railway yard. Stanchions are removable and thus the wagon can be used for transport of containers. The wagon was manufactured in cooperation with company Innofreight.

Bogie TVP NG – DBS

Bogie TVP NG-DBS is the newest design solution of Tatravagónka. The most significant advantages of this bogie are reduction of wheelset wear up to 30 % and its weight, which is the lowest in category of track friendly bogies and accounts for 5 tons. Furthermore, noise in comparison with TSI limit is reduced and wagons equipped with these bogies are expected to be classified in category of very silent wagons (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). Safety against derailment under quasi-static conditions has been significantly improved due to new wheelset guiding with modified suspension characteristics and with cross coupling. In cooperation with TU Berlin an energetic economy of up to 10 % in the smallest curves was confirmed. 100 % changeability with a standard Y25 bogie is guaranteed for this bogie.

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