27. March 2023


Within the development plans of the company, some parts of the production areas have recently been intensively revitalized. Today, we can introduce a new modern hall for wagon sale, in which the first wagon acceptances have already been carried out.


The new modern hall for wagon sale, which replaced the old, unattractive acetylene station with carbide storeroom, was finally approved at the end of February.

The hall with dimensions of 50.4 x 27.4 (with chamfering of 13.7 x 6.9 m) made of steel construction includes five rail tracks with an assembly channel with full-length lighting and with connection to 220 V. In the north-eastern part of the hall, there is an entrance for fork-lifts.

On the ground floor of the administrative-social-technical extension, there is located a paint store house, which is accessible from the exterior and from the paint preparation area. It is equipped with collecting and pump reservoir/tank covered with a steel grate. The paint preparation area is functionally connected to the paint store house area, and it can be entered from the hall through the pressure chamber.

For employees in the administrative part, there is designed a joint toilet with a hall.

The office area on the first floor is accessible through a straight steel staircase. The office is designed for five permanent workstations and there is also a space for meetings.

220 m on new rails will thus provide a space for wagon acceptance and for occasional paint application for approximately 10 wagons, which will significantly relieve capacities of the old acceptance hall, BU10 line.

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