22. August 2016


Dear partner,

We are looking forward to meet you at Innotrans 2016 in our stand no.  403 in the hall 3.2. Tatravagónka will show its products also at the fair rail yard.


T1/19 – Zans 98m3– JUMBO PLUS
Newly developed wagon which is setting market trend! Thanks to self-supporting design its weight is only 22 tons at 98 m3 volume, therefore it is possible to transport larger amounts of product. Another advantage is its length, the wagon is shorter by 0.5 m in comparison with its predecessor Zans 95 m3. In consequence of these characteristics there is a guarantee of 6 % volume increase per block train.

T3/47 – Uagnpps 92m3
Wagon “amphibian”, designed for transportation of sugar and grain, is equipped with several unique technical solutions. Due to specially designed filling openings and discharging mechanisms, an appropriate batching and water-tightness of the wagon is achieved. The wagon has an internal food coating and dust-proof securing pressure valve placed on both wagon ends, which provides protection of the wagon vessel in case of potential under-pressure. Specially designed are also inclines for discharging of transported goods, due to which a cleaning frequency and internal wagon maintenance are reduced. Tatravagónka can manufacture the wagon with three different roof variants. With volume of 92 m3, it is largest “amphibian” in its class.  

T3/48 – Snps
This universal wagon is used not only for transportation of timber, but after attachment of foldable container pins, it is ready for transportation of containers (with loading identical to the wagon Sggnss 60´). Timber of different length (2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 4.5 m, 5.1 m and 6 m) can be loaded on the wagon. This wagon is characterized by its low weight (22.0 t). It is equipped with headstock-free bogies and with stanchions from EXTE company. Specially designed stanchions avoid damage of the wagon caused by a loader and the wagon floor is in one plane, which is a contribution to safety. Furthermore, the floor consists of sheets with weight up to 30 kg, which is a guarantee of simple maintenance during the whole life-time of the wagon. The wagon has also an alternative execution with front walls, which is also approved and certified.

T4/43 – Sggnss 80´- LIGHT EIGHTY
This wagon for transportation of containers is characterized by lower tare, reduced maintenance costs and versatility. The wagon can be loaded in 30 different combinations for 20´, 26´, 30´, 40´, 45´, High cube, High cube pallet wide containers and swap bodies and tank superstructures. Significant reduction of weight with unique frame design enables operators to significantly increase transportation efficiency. Savings on track with empty (not loaded) train is up to 113 tons, which is almost 20% of train weight. Furthermore, the wagon is classified in the “very silent wagons” category (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). After removal of articulation joint, and thus removal of the central bogie, the wagon is shorter in comparison with a standard container wagon and this fact reduces costs for its maintenance. The wagon is equipped with disc brake.

T3/51 – Sggrss 80´
In cooperation with the company Innofreight, Tatravagónka introduces this intermodal wagon that is designed for transportation of special 20´ and 40´ containers. You can see loading of containers with different lengths, specifically containers Rock Trainer 30´, Mon Tainer XXL 20´and Wood Tainer XXM 13´. The wagon is characterized by short coupling of both segments in wagon centre by means of drawing-pushing bar. The wagon is equipped with integrated CFCB brake. 

Stand – TVP NG-DBS bogie
bogie, which is the newest design solution of the company Tatravagónka, can be seen in real size directly in our stand. This bogie has several significant advantages. In the first place, it is wheelset wear reduction up to 30 %. Another advantage of the bogie is its weight, which is only 5 tons, and it is the lowest weight in the category of track friendly bogies. Tatravagónka was also successful in noise reduction in comparison with TSI limit, and it is expected that wagons equipped with these bogies will be classified in the category of very silent wagons (according to the European Commission Directive EU 2015/429). Due to new wheelset guiding with modified suspension characteristic and with cross coupling, safety against derailment under quasi-static conditions was significantly improved. By means of comparative verifications in cooperation with TU Berlin, an energetic economy up to 10% in the smallest curves was confirmed. 100% changeability with a standard Y25 bogie is guaranteed for this bogie.

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