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Zacns 54 m³

The wagon is designed for transportation without limitation on all European tracks, for climatic conditions with temperatures from –25 °C do +50 °C.
Filling and discharging device is installed in the upper part of the tank.
Except Crash-buffers, the wagon is also equipped with the safety anti-climbing device, type EST AC04, according to RID, TE 25 paragraph a.), and with protective device for the manhole, type EST UE 01.

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Tare 24 t ± 300 kg
Mass of loaded wagon 90 t
Loading weight 66 t
Maximum axle load 22,5 t
Max. speed of empty wagon 120 km/h
Max. speed of loaded wagon 100 km/h
Type of bogie Y25Ls1-K
Brake KNORR KE-GP (K) – 1x12“
Design overpressure 1,0 MPa
Test overpressure 0,4 MPa
Working overpressure 0,3 MPa
External overpressure 0,1 MPa
Manhole DN 600 EN 12561-6
Tank material X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2
Tank code L10DH

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