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Samms KeZi 48.2

The wagon is designated for transportation of hot slabs with temperature up to 600 °C. The slabs are loaded directly on an insulating layer poured on the wagon floor, and they are protected by means of thermally-insulating cover.
Loading and unloading vertically by crane – jaws or magnets.

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Tare 43,8 t
Total mass of loaded wagon 135 t
Carrying capacity 91,2 t
Maximum axle load 22,5 t
Max. speed of empty wagon 120 km/h
Max. speed of loaded wagon (in terms of brake) 100 km/h
Loading length 10 750 mm
Loading width 2 600 mm
Loading height above top of rail (loading level) 1 400 mm
Max. loading height (under insulation cover) 750 mm
Insulating layer Isoperl – thickness 160 mm
Type of bogie BA 714.3

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