Strength of trademark Tatravagónka is built on 100-year history, tradition in production of freight wagons, endurance and commitment. During this period Tatravagónka has produced more than 130.000 freight wagons (which correspond to approximately 6500 km long train) in nearly 100 different design executions and 400.000 bogies.

Founder of the company was the Halaths family which in 1922 obtained a contract for repair of freight wagons for Czechoslovak railways. In the middle of 1940´s the production of freight wagons itself was launched in the foothills of High Tatras. Since 1960´s Tatravagónka has belonged to economic leaders in Slovakia with exlusively domestic capital.


  • annual production: : 4.000 freight wagons and 10.000 bogies

  • 9 specialized manufacturing lines with possibility of producing 9 various types of freight wagons at the same time

  • monthly capacity of each production line: 100 freight wagons

  • market share: > 30 % of European market

  • average annual turnover: > 350 mil. eur

  • after-sale service – repairs, revisions and reconstructions

  • strong design and development group


  • European leader in development and production of freight wagons

  • 100 years of experience

  • Member of a strong group Optifin Invest and Budamar Group

  • Reliable supplier for significant European transportation companies

  • High production capacity

  • Strong design basis

  • Professional personnel

  • Individual technical solutions

  • Financial stability



Company Tatravagónka disposes of the most advanced technologies for material cutting with high accuracy and of certificates and attestations which confirm quality of our welding procedures. We are able to manufacture wide range of machinery industry products, from small components to demanding large structures for railway transport. As result of extensive investments in recent years freight wagons and bogies produced by Tatravagónka meet the highest technical and qualitative requirements.