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Zags 117m3

The wagon Zags 117m3 is 4-axle tank wagon designed for transportation of LP ( Liquified petroleum Gas) – substance os class 2 according to RID. The wagon complies with regulations of TSI-WAG, applicable UIC leaflets, ERRI recommendations, agreement onm utual use of freight wagons in the international transport AVV(RIV) and EN standard. The wagon is designed for transportationwithout any limitations on all Europeans tracks with normal track gauge and for climatic conditions with T1 temperatures (-25°C +40°C) according to TSI WAG. The wagon meets the conditions for GE marking according to TSI WAG.

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1 435mm
Tare 32,9 t
Mass of loaded wagon 90 t
Maximum axle load 22,5 t
Loading weight 57 t
Max. speed of empty/loaded wagon 120 km/h / 100 km/h
Loading volume 117 m3
Brake KNORR KE-GP(K) - 1x12''
Type of bogie Y25Ls-K, 1xBgu

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