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Uagnpps wagon is a 4-axle covered discharging wagon designed for transportation of sugar. It is equipped with a body with roof with 4 manholes (wagon version A), or opening covers (wagon version B), or opening roof (wagon version C) and with 4 discharging openings with discharging by means of 4 shell-shaped flaps divided in the wagon longitudinal direction to the centre of rails. The wagon is designed for operation in S mode. The wagon is designed for operation without any limitations on all European railway tracks with normal track gauge and for climatic conditions with temperatures T1 (from -25 ̊C to +40 ̊C) according to TSI-WAG. The wagon complies with regulations of TSI-WAG, TSI-NOISE, applicable UIC Leaflets, agreement about mutual use of freight wagons in the international transport AVV, ERRI recommendations and EN standards.

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Tare 22,5 t
Mass of loaded wagon 90,0 t
Maximum axle load 22,5 t
Loading weight 67,5 t
Max. speed of empty/loaded wagon 120 km/h / 100 km/h
Loading volume 92 m³
Number of discharging openings 4
Discharging opening 600x900 mm
Compact brake CFCB
Type of bogie Y25 Lsi-C-K; Y25 Lsif-C-K

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