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Sggns(s) 80´XL

LIGHT EIGHTY Sggnss 80’ was developed by the company TATRAVAGÓNKA, a. s. already in 2010 under the impulse of the company METRANS. The
wagon gained its place at the market quite quickly not only because of its low weight of 21.5 t, but also thanks to a unique possibility to load 5 types
of containers and swap bodies in 30 different container combinations. In comparison with the standard 80’ articulated wagon, it is possible to add one
more wagon into the train set. Non­‐traditional design of this TSI wagon not only reduces noise to measured 78 dB(A), but mainly it enables to increase
transportation effectiveness with 20 % reduction of energy consumption (in comparison to standard articulated 80’ wagon). Reduced number of bogies
reduces also demands for maintenance of brake systems. With sold amount of more than 5,000 wagons, the Sggnss 80’ ranks among the bestsellers at
the European market of intermodal wagons in the last decade.

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Technical specification

Length over buffers 25 940 mm
Loading length 24 700 mm
Distance between bogie pivots 19 300 mm
Height of the loading plane above top of rail 1 155 mm
Buffer axis height above top of rail 1 025 mm
Automatic coupling axis height above top of rail 1 005 mm
bogie wheel base 1 800 mm
Track gauge 1 435 mm
wheel diameter (new) 920 mm
Wagon tare 22,0 t ± 3 %
Max. loading weight max. 68,0 t
Max. weight of loaded wagon max. 90 t
Max. axle load max. 22,5 t
Max. operational speed of empty wagon 120 km/h
Max. operational speed at 20.0 t axle load 120 km/h
Max. operational speed at 22.5 t axle load 100 km/h
wagon prepared for installation of the automatic coupling

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