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6-axle flat freight railway wagon with 101 t bearing capacity ranks among versatile wagons, which are used for transportation of ISO containers
(20’ and 40’) and swap bodies, heavy tracked and wheeled military vehicles and heavy industrial cargo (steel semi­‐finished products, rolled profiles, rails,
bars, pipes, plates, etc.).
The wagon design enables innovative securing of cargo in transverse direction by means of hinged and movable wedges located in the wagon floor.
Lockable storing area built in the wagon underframe enables simple storage of chains and wedges for securing of transported material.
Sagmms 490 belongs to the DAC ready wagons.

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Technical specification

Track gauge 1 435 mm
Distance between bogie pivots 9 150 mm
Wagon length over buffers 16 490 mm
Max. loading length (between hinged fronts) 15 000 mm
Max. loading width without the side stanchions 3 090 mm
Max. loading width between the side stanchions 2 630 mm
Loading surface 46 m2
Height of the underframe above top of rail 1 230 mm
floor height above top of rail 1 300 mm
Container loading height 1 305 mm
Buffer axis height above top of rail 1 060 mm
Automatic coupling axis height above top of rail 1 040 mm
Wagon tare 34,0 t
Max. loading weight of the wagon 101 t
Max. axle load 22,5 t
Max. weight of loaded wagon 135 t

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