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The wagon type Laados is a 6-axle, 3-segment, single-deck wagon for transportation of truck tractors and light utility vehicles that meets the applicable
regulations of TSI, UIC Leaflets, ERRI recommendations, convention about mutual use of freight wagons in the international transport AVV (RIV) and EN, ISO
The wagon meets the conditions for TEN marking and for the GC/GI2 gauge. The wagon approval is based upon assessment of national requirements in
the individual chosen countries.
The wagon is designed for transportation on agreed European railway tracks with normal track gauge (1,435mm) and for climatic conditions with T1
temperatures (-25 C°+45 C°).

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Technical specification

Track gauge 1 435 mm
tare 35,6 t
loading limit of the unit 60,4 t
permissible loading of the outer axle 16 t
permissible loading of the central axle 16 t
max. speed of the wagon 100 / 120 km/h
max. weight of trucks 9,5 t
Loading length 41,36 m
loading width 2,64 m
Brake kotúčová / disc / Scheibenbremse DAKO
wheelset diameter outer axle 760 mm
wheelset diameter inner axle 650 mm
tyre running area dierovaný plech / perforated plate / Lochblech (Kässbohrer)

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