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The wagon is designed for transportation of ore.
Loading by filling from the top.
Unloading by gravity, outside the railway.
Composite brake blocks of Bgu-configuration, hand brake operated from the platform.
The wagon is equipped with automatic coupling of C-Akv type.

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1 435 mm
Tare 2 x 35 t
Mass of loaded wagon 2 x 150 t
Load carrying capacity at an axle load 25 t 2 x 115 t
Maximum axle load 25 t
Max. speed of empty wagon 120 km/h
Max. speed at an axle load 25 t 100 km/h
Loading volume 2 x 70 m³
Max. wagon width with open shutters 4 300 mm
Min. curve radius 75 m
Ferry boat 1° 30 ́, R=150 m
Type of bogie BA715/BA716

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