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TVP NG-DBS bogie is an alternative to the standard Y25 bogie

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Technical specification

Track Gauge 1435 mm
Weight 5,0 t
Maximum axle load 22,5 t
Maximal bogie speed (including brake) up to max. axle load of 22.5 t 120 km/h
Suspension stroke from empty condition (wagon weight 20 t) to the loaded condition (wagon weight 90 t) 48 mm
Distance between side bearers 850 mm
Bogie centre pivot height at wagon weight of 20 t 925 mm
Wheel diameter max/min 920/840 mm
Wheel base 1800 mm
Type of brake disc / Scheibenbremse
Lateral clearance +/- 10 mm
Size of longitudinal +/- 8 mm

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