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TVP NG-HS bogie is an alternative to the standard Y25 bogie. It differs from the standard bogie mainly in headstock-free version of the frame, suspension, disc brake,
enlarged wheel base to 2000 mm and in so called U-frame for improvement of running properties and increase of transportation speed up to 140 km/h.

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Technical specification

Weight 5,1 t (+/-5%)
Track Gauge 1435 mm
Wheel base 2000 mm
Wheel diameter max/min 920 / 840 mm
Bogie centre pivot height at wagon weight of 20 t 925 mm
Distance between side bearers 1200 alt. 850 mm
Max axle load 22,5 t/os | axle | Achse
Max. speed of bogie 140 km/h
Suspension stroke from empty condition (wagon weight 20 t) to the loading condition (wagon weight 90 t) 48 mm
Size of transverse clearances in wheelset guiding +/- 10 mm
Size of longitudinal clearances in wheelset guiding +/- 8 mm
Type of brake kotúčová | disc brake | Scheibenbremse
Wheelset for axle load of 22,5/25 t
Disc brake DAKO, Knorr Bremse
Weighing valve DAKO, Knorr Bremse

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